Time trials and I’m in my office

The chimes in the steeple of the church across the street started ringing and I looked at the clock: 10 o’clock. The Time Trials for the USACycling Professional Championship are under way. I’d love to be out there watching them roll off, but I have too much to do here.

As I am working, I’m drinking lots of water. My plan is to get 128 ounces down by the end of the day. I want to make sure I’m plenty hydrated before riding tomorrow morning. The only problem is that it makes me have to keep running to the restroom! Well, I guess it will help clean out my system!

Though I won’t get to see the Time Trials, I do plan to catch some of the race on Sunday. I’ll probably take my bike and ride up to Paris Mountain. I’ll be sure to take my camera as well and try to get some good shots.

Cycling mania is hitting Greenville. At least you get that impression from the press. I hope it isn’t just manufactured hype. I think being a key city on the East Coast for cycling would be a very good niche for us. It would be great to see lots of people out in support.

Speaking of lots of people. The Palmetto Peloton Ride folks say they have over 400 people signed up! I think that is for all events and not just the metric century. Still, the idea that there are lots of people participating is comforting. Surely I am in better shape than at least one of them!