Introduction to sprinting

I did have a good morning. After not riding it for a couple weeks because of the metric century, I rode with the Sunshine Cycle Shop guys again this morning. I could tell a definite difference in my stamina from the last time I rode with them.

It wasn’t anything spectacular. We did about 28 miles and I only averaged 15.5 mph. My heart rate average was a very low (for riding) 148 bpm. I think this is because we didn’t really push the whole way. There were several times when there would be a sprint to the top of a climb. It took me a while to figure out what was going on. I kept wondering why everyone would ride along casually and then suddenly three or four guys would just take off. I actually won one of the sprints.

It was also nice to know that I had earned the respect of some of the regular riders. It felt good not to be one of the tag alongs. I had a rider come up and ask me where I ride and when. It would be nice to form some friendships out there.