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From today’s Greenville News letters to the editor:

Cyclists must obey the rules of the road

I would like to comment on the increasing number of bicycle riders in the Greenville area. I think it’s great that this sport is being taken up by so many people. However, there are problems with some of the cyclists. On numerous occasions I have encountered cyclists hindering traffic. From what I have observed, not all bicyclists are careful and some are very rude. I’ve had cyclists show me “obscene hand gestures” when I tried to pass them.

The latest incident in my neighborhood prompted me to write. I live in the Pebble Creek area and the roads in my area are narrow and well traveled. Especially in the mornings. Two days ago around 6:30 a.m. I was on the road and barely noticed a cyclist was on the road. This person was not wearing any reflective gear and also the bicycle did not have any lights. He was coming around a curve and causing issues for all drivers.

What bothers me is that if something should happen to one of these cyclists the driver(s) will be blamed. However, the roads in most areas in Greenville are not intended for cyclists. I grew up in Europe where parts of the sidewalk are dedicated for cyclists. This is not the case in South Carolina.

If cyclists are going to be on the road, they have to obey the rules of traffic. Also, it would be nice of them not to get mad at drivers and make obscene gestures.

Sezi F. Demirkilic, Greenville

I am afraid he has a point. There are two things in play here. 1. There is some ignorance on the part of many new riders who have started riding because of the growing popularity of cycling in Greenville. 2. There are some attitudes among riders who have been cycling for years. I believe there is more of number 1 than 2.

It should be pointed out though that there are many many riders out there who obey the traffic laws and do everything they can to fit in with other traffic on the road. Besides, while we’re pointing fingers… how many riders who have been obeying the law, are wearing reflective clothing, and have lighting on their bikes can tell stories of obscene gestures, horns right as the car is about to pass, various discouraging phrases being yelled at them, or/and objects thrown at them.