Do I have to talk about Floyd Landis? I feel an obligation to say something, but it won’t be much. Really, is anybody surprised that he lost his appeal? I’m not.

You also think about what would have happened had he won his appeal. Landis says he is currently researching his legal options. Had he won I’m sure the UCI or ASO or whatever sports organization he is up against would do the same. The CAS ruling has not ended it.

I also doubt, in the current climate, he would have been able to find a ride. Kind of tough when the ads for the Tour de France have a scene where they reverse the video of him receiving his yellow jersey to make it appear they are taking it off. At the same time you see this year’s slogan “Take Back the Tour” flashing on the screen.

About that slogan – which Tour are we taking it back to? Seems like there has been some doping issue for as long as I can remember. It is just that recently there has been more public talk about it. To which Tour? 2006? 1996? Even farther back you read the stories of how riders unabashedly used external stimulants to help them perform.

I’m not condoning that. I’m all for a doping free Tour. I just think the “Take Back the Tour” slogan on Versus is a little naive. Then again, I’m feeling kind of grumpy today. I guess I’m just seeing the dark side in everything.

Oh, one last thing about Landis. He is off his suspension in January 2009. That is only seven months away. Has it been that long?