Night riding at Paris Mountain State Park

Bob Rentz and I take a spin along Turtle and Archery Range trails in Paris Mountain State Park.  The plan was to take Kanuga to Brissy.   It was so cold that when we reached the archery range we turned around and headed back down to Turtle trail.

The following video is edited for time (the ride was about 30 minutes in length) and I tried to include some of the riders we encountered and a couple of slip ups.  If you recognize yourself in the video, leave a comment.  Hope you enjoy the video.

Night riding is a blast!  If it just wasn’t so cold, it would have been great to have captured some frames of Kanuga.  Maybe we can go back at some point and do it again.  However, the intent of this video was just to show my relatives what it is like to ride a mountain bike at night.