Quarq CinQo & Garmin Edge 705

Ah, Christmas Eve.  I’m sitting here with a cup of coffee enjoying my recliner.  It is about 40 degrees outside and if the rain stays away, I plan to go out and ride bikes with my 8 year-old son (whom long time readers will know as “Thing Two”).  Right now though, I figured I would put up a video that should have gone up over a week ago.

This video shows the process for starting up your Garmin Edge 705 and receiving data from a Quarq CinQo power meter.  There is also some shots of cycling in the Upstate and finally showing the data on CyclingPeaks WKO+.  I think I call it TrainingPeaks on the video, but that is the online service.

I realize that there are differences between the CinQo and other power meters.  Data is sent several times a second and future firmware updates are supposed improve that as well.  The Garmin gets some complaints because of the algorithm they use when recording the power data.

For a rider such as myself, that doesn’t bother me.  I am looking for consistency.  I have found this combination to provide exactly what I’m looking for at a price that well worth it.  The fact that the Garmin doesn’t have to have the CinQo to be a useful cycling computer is a plus.

Any tech weenie cyclist would love to have either of these components under their tree.  Learn more about the CinQo at Quarq.us and the Garmin at Garmin.com.  If you have experience with these devices working together, I’d love to hear about it.