Euro Peloton

One of the interesting people I met on my ride to Texas was Thomas Heaney. To this day I don’t know a whole lot of Thomas’ story. He is just a very interesting personality. He is one of those guys who never meets a stranger and would give you the shirt off his back if he saw you had a real need.

I got to know him a bit because he was driving our support van. That meant I saw a lot of the back of his head as he was driving in front of us (the Hincapie bus was behind us). Unfortunately, I didn’t get as much time to talk with him for that same reason.

The times I did get to talk to him, he had all these interesting stories of traveling in Europe and he had loads of knowledge of cycling greats and locations. It was quite fascinating how he would be talking about a race from years ago and comment on the various riders — even throwing in some color about riders when they were off the bike.

It was obvious that he thought a lot of his son. He is very proud of him. When we parted in October, he gave me a card to his son’s Web site. I fully intended to come home and check it out, but I could not find the card. Finally, I came upon the card in the back pocket of a wind breaker. I had the opportunity to finally visit Euro Peloton.

Well, it would appear that Briggs is a chip off the old block. I’m adding a new blog to my list. Thanks, Thomas, for the memories and the tip.