Aussies and dizzies

George Hincapie news from Twitterville…

Lance Armstrong first comments, “At dinner with George Hincapie in Adelaide. Catching up! Love this guy like a brother.”  George comes back with, “Dragged Lance Armstrong out to a bar. He’s not happy. I love it. He’s getting mobbed.”

Earlier in the day (Australia time) we have this report from the official Tour Down Under Twitter account, “Huge day today! Had a Columbia Press Call this morning with George Hincapie being the favourite.”  Of course, there is a ton of press on the scene because it is Lance Armstrong’s first race in his come back.  The question Hincapie gets the most?  “What will it be like to race against Lance Armstrong?”

The Tour Down Under starts January 18th.  Versus will have a 30 minute recap of each day’s stage at 4 PM.  The final stage will be shown in its entirety on January 24th at 10 PM.  You can see the full schedule here.

I’m still fighting something.  It would appear that the cold I had/have has settled in my inner ear.  I get quite dizzy at times and have to sit down.  This is very discouraging.  I have not been on the bike for nearly a week.  I’ve got to get on today and at least spin my legs a bit.