Just about a month to go

I’ve just pointed my browser away from usacycling.org where I had my race license renewed.  Looking at my account I see all the accomplishments of last year wiped away.  Any rank I had in 2008 is gone.  Now as a category 4 racer, I have a chance to write a new list.

While the pros jumped into their race season with the unofficial official start of the season with a criterium in Australia, the racing begins for us on February 21 with the first race of the “Spring Series.”  It is going to be pretty cool for me because that first race is also my 41st birthday.  I’m hoping for a nice present!

That means I’ve only got about a month to get ready.  I know I am farther along this year than I was last year.  I also know that I have to be farther along this year.  So, in many ways it is as though I am starting all over again.  You know?  That is kinda fun!