Hincapie’s jersey

I climbed off the trainer last night after two hours.  I had a couple of sustained efforts over 300 watts.  For the first time in a while, I had a good feeling about it.

Sometimes after a ride, my legs feel really good.  I’m not sure how to describe it, but my legs just feel strong — tired, but strong.  The times I don’t like are those when I get off the bike and my legs feel weak.  Last night’s “ride” gives me a little more confidence.

Of course, I’ve been following the Tour Down Under.  Team Columbia took the first stage while Quick Step grabbed the second.  George Hincapie came in fifth after his team made an effort of controlling the race.  This moved him up to 13th in the overall classification with his teammate (and stage one winner) André Greipel holding down second overall.

A mystery to me was the jersey George was wearing.  It looked very similar to his teammates’, but some of the outlines on it seemed to be lighter.  I was trying to figure out the significance of the difference, but couldn’t find anything on any of the cycling news sites.

So, I decided to ask the man himself.  George replied, “Its actually an aero jersey that Hincapie made. We thought we had the art exact but its a little off. Will go back to normal Jersey.”  Then I remembered reading something on Kirk Flinte’s blog about a new aero jersey.  There was my answer right there.

As for me, it looks like I will be wearing last year’s Spinners jersey in the Spring Series.  We just got our order in for our new kits and I can’t imagine they’ll be ready in a month.  It will be nice to get a new one.  Mine is pretty beat up from a crash.