It is Sunday morning and I’m sitting here with a very sore body!  Yesterday’s Upstate Winter Bicycle League really took it out of me.  I bonked.  Hit the wall.  Blew up.  Exploded.  But man was it fun!

Here is the video overview of the day.  There will be more video of two of the sprint zones coming as soon as I can get them up on YouTube.  Got everybody on the camera this time.  See if you can find yourself.

So, what happened to me?  Well, a lot of it had to do with the video.  I had initially planned just to sprint in Ware Shoals.  It wasn’t that I thought I would win or get any points.  I just wanted to have some decent video.

Then on the second sprint, I kind of got sucked into it.  I had put my camera away because it was starting to hurt my head.  It isn’t really that heavy, but when you are wearing it for a couple of hour you start to grow tired of it.

One team was kind controlling the pack I was in.  So the speeds weren’t that great. It wasn’t hard for me stay up close for that one.  For some reason the guys who were trying to break away were not able to pull it off.  I had them in sight the whole time.

Then the pedal went down and I foolishly went with it.  Finally, I came to my senses and backed off with about 200 yards to go before the finish.  However, it was one more effort and I was starting to feel it.

By the time we reached the third sprint zone, I was feeling pretty well recovered.  My legs were getting tired and I was hungry.  We started riding at 10 AM and by this time it was after 2 PM.  My gels, bars, and fig newtons just weren’t giving me what I needed.

I put on the helmet cam and decided to give the sprint a go.  It started out pretty neutral and then there was an attack from behind me.  I saw Andy Baker and Jim Cunningham react to the move by some of the Land Rover boys.  Before you knew it, they had a pretty good gap on the field.

Of course, my thought was, “Oh no, I’m going to miss the video of the sprint!”  I knew this was a move that was going to stick, so I came out of line and bridged over to the escaping riders.  About time I got there they accelerated again.  I tried to hook on and survive.

We then moved to a pace line and we managed to get through one rotation.  The group bunched at that point and I had a short rest.  Then the pace picked up and I knew at that point I was in trouble.  When they jumped, I went to react and I could feel my legs going away.

Still, I hung on for a bit longer.  Andy and Jim went off the front and the rest of us guys were left looking for third place.  The remaining riders picked up speed again and this time I simply exploded.  When I attempted to react there simply was no power.  I was finished.

There remained a sizeable gap between me and the field.  I rode on alone for some time before I got swallowed up.  I didn’t feel embarrassed about it though.  It was pretty cool to have been in that breakaway even if it was for just a little.

The field passed me and I started the long, lonely finish back to Greenville.  I had a couple of guys that I was able to draft with for a bit, but for most of the time I was alone.  That is not a good feeling riding alone knowing you have miles yet to go.  You know it is going to take a while because you are hurting and there is no help.

Hey, I got my video!  I hope to have the sprint zone video here on LowCadence.com during the next couple of days.  Check back soon.