Low Cadence odds and ends

No video today.  Just catching up on some stuff.  Should have some interesting video for you all next week.

WKO+ – I have this annoying issue with Peakware’s WKO+ product. First, I had the problem this week of my free trial running out. I went on their site to purchase a license and I could not get my software verified. Finally, I contacted them to find out what was up. It was then I learned they had updated their registration process and I was trying to update from the old system. A notification of that would have helped…

But that isn’t what annoys me. It isn’t that the software isn’t working. It is just I don’t like the results it is showing me from my data! There is a little graph with vertical bars representing your fitness abilities for your 5 second, 1 minute, etc. peaks.

Well, the frustrating thing is that according to these little bars, I am not even a good category 5 racer.  Granted, I have been doing loads of base mile rides in recovery zones, but lately I’ve picked it up a notch and I still show low readings.  Maybe I am just a gamer 🙂

Golf Course Sprint – Oops.  You’ll notice in my video of the Golf Course sprint during the UWBL I mention that I am passing the sprint line because I am going by a “stop ahead” sign.  Well, it turns out that the attack zone was in full glory at that point.

The attack zone starts there at the golf course and then continues for seven miles until you reach the final sprint line near the I-85 on Hwy. 20.  Wow.  I had just covered about three miles by that time I passed the “stop ahead” sign.  I can’t even imagine staying with those guys to the finish!

Bring your A game – Speaking of the UWBL ride.  If you come this weekend, you had better bring your A game.  Word is there are going to be a load of category 1 and 2 riders.  It is called the “Battle of Waterloo” because we go to Waterloo, SC.  It’s going to be 106 miles covered in a little over 5 hours.  There will be three attack zones.  Two will be for 5 miles and the final one 7 miles.  That means 17 of the 106 miles will be at speeds in excess of 25 mph.

This is a winter training ride?  Hmmmmm.

New pro Twittering – You can check out a new Columbia rider on Twitter.  Michael Rogers is now putting out some Tweets for the fans.  You can find him at @mickrogers.

Thank you very much – Thanks for reading (and watching) LowCadence.com.  If you ever see a Google ad that interests you, feel free to click it. 🙂  It is a very tangible way of letting me know you like the site.