Video Log – February 8, 2009

Just thought I would try something different.  Rather than type out my thoughts for today, I figured I would go for a bike ride and record my thoughts as I rode along.  Today’s “vlog” covers a simple ride I used to take when I first started pedaling around Greenville.

I head out through Cleveland Park to my in-laws home.  Then I move toward downtown for a cup of coffee at Liquid Highway.  Finally, I move back through the park to home.  Hope you enjoy it… I feel a little self-conscious.

At some point tomorrow, I should have video finally edited for this weekend’s Upstate Winter Bicycle League.  It was a little discouraging because the camera was mounted a little lower and caused me to miss most of the scene going away down the road.  Plus, the camera frooze up right at a critical point!

So, I’m currently picking through the video to come up with something that works and then pulling together the voice over.  Takes a little longer than the “video log”!  Thanks for your patience.