Spring Training Series Day One

I wish my fingers were in better shape so I could give a better report of the races yesterday at the 2009 Greenville Spring Training Series presented by Hincapie Sports. Unfortunately, this brace they have on my left hand really slows me down. I’m feeling much too tired to battle through the process of getting my thoughts about the day down with one hand!

So, enjoy this video. I had hoped to have it up last night, but the data transfer was slow. You will see right away that the fields were quite large. Perhaps I’ll have some time later today to share my thoughts in a vlog. I will not be going out there for Sunday’s races. My birthday was yesterday, but I will be celebrating it tomorrow at lunch following morning church service.

We’ll see what happens next weekend… but for now, I hope everyone enjoys this “raw” video from the day. There is no voice over and it can get pretty confusing trying to figure out which group is coming through. Unfortunately, I only have a couple of short clips from the Masters races. I had to run home and pick up my boys during those events.

Thanks to all you out there who mentioned you hoped I would heal soon. Special thanks to my POA teammates who made me feel welcome. Also, I wish the best to all the guys who were injured in the crashes – especially my bro Matt and my long time Hour of Power partner, Owen.