Finger talking

I mentioned I would give an update later today about my doctor visit.  I’m very happy to report that I got some good news!  Looks like I’m moving ahead of schedule.

Tomorrow (or today – depending on what time this thing uploads) is the Spring Training Series race in Fork Shoals.  Weather report isn’t looking so hot.  It actually appears to be getting cooler as the morning progresses.

I like this course.  It is a true road race in my opinion.  The terrain is varied and there is just enough climbing involved to keep the sprinter types at bay.  Of course, I’ve only raced the route twice and that was as a category five rider.  My first race there was a seventh place finish.  My last race there was the South Carolina Road Racing Championships where I grabbed a third place.

If you come here looking for video from the day, I’m afraid you won’t find it.  Most likely I will not be going down to Pelzer.  If I could race, I’d be there.  There are no plans though to take my equipment down there in the rain to get a little bit of video at the start finish.

I am seriously contemplating doing one of my races this year with a camera on my bike or helmet.  That would be pretty cool!  The main problem would be the weight on my head.  I’m going to look at some ways to mount the unit on my bike.

Good luck to you racers tomorrow — especially the POA Cycling Team!