Help me recycle

How about a little help here. I’ve signed up to ride with some students who are seeking to raise some money for a building project here on campus. They are really putting a lot into this and I sure would love to see them be successful. How about sparing a few dollars to help out?

The Ride Web site

The Ride Web site

Several years ago the original “The Ride” was put on by some students. One of those is now in University of South Carolina law school. Another is serving in Iraq. Those guys are long gone, but a new crop of students with a fascination for two wheels has come along to “recycle” the idea.

Typically, there is only one fund raiser that I promote on this site — my project each year. However, you can get into this one pretty cheap and it would be interesting to see how much we can pull together in the next couple of weeks.

So, please consider pledging a few cents a mile. I figure the absolute most miles I’d be able to get in is around 150. So, you’re not looking at a huge amount!

You can make your pledge at this Web site. Thank you very much. I’ll be sure to report back with what the site brings in.