A different kind of bike Fit

Well, this weekend, I will be heading up to River Falls for the last Saturday race of the 2009 Greenville Spring Training Series. I’ll be taking my bike with me because I plan to race it. The weather will be nice and my finger is feeling much better, so I am pretty confident about giving it a go.

I thought I would use today’s post to show you how I get there. I have a 58cm Specialized Tarmac Pro and have the choice of carrying it in a Chevrolet Suburban or Honda Fit. With what it costs to go racing now days, I figure I need to save where I can. I’m taking the Fit.

People who have seen the video ask me why I don’t put my bike in there in “tall mode.” This seating configuration is where you flip the bottom of the back seats up exposing an area behind the front seats that goes from the floor to the ceiling. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for me.

It does work for a smaller bike. However, my Tarmac is just a little too long. My bike fits just fine height wise. It is just too long to fit across. Besides, I like having the larger space to work with when trying to load the bike.

Beyond the bike configuration, I really like my 2009 Honda Fit. It is fun to drive and good on gas. It has some pretty good options for an entry level Honda and it looks pretty cool.

Can you put racks on it? Yes, manufacturers of roof racks do have systems that work on the 2009 model. However, if you are looking for a hitch mounted rack, you are out of luck. At this time there are no hitch options that I am aware of — outside of fabricating your own!

The Fit is Go! and I am gone.

UPDATE: If you would like to see a close up view of the system, you can take a look at this post.