I took a ride with Craig’s bike

After work Friday, I headed out on what I thought would be an easy spin around Cleveland Park.  Saturday was to be a long day in the saddle as I was to ride 5 hours in a fund raiser ride.  That isn’t too bad, except this five hours would going around in a one mile circuit.

While easily spinning along I came to a stop sign to turn right.  I thought I saw the shadow of a rider coming up behind me.  I made the turn and then the following turn onto Woodland Way to begin the climb.  That is when the rider came up beside me.

I glanced over and heard him say, “Nice bike.”  That, of course, made me look at his own bike.  It was a Giant and looked like a TCR Advanced frame.  However, there were numerous other markings on it that I didn’t decipher at the time.  “Yes, these Giants are very nice.  I love mine,” I replied.

We continued on talking about riding and racing.  Around one turn I asked him if the bike was an SL model.  Clay responded that indeed it was.  We went back to talking about various training methods and our plans for the year.

He asked me if I had raced any this year and I told him that I had only been able to do the River Falls race because of my broken pinkie.  He then asked me about the accident.  I told him the story and finished up by telling him that I rode up to the top of the mountain after the wreck with Craig Lewis.

He looked over at me and said, “This is his bike.”  I took a little closer of a look and realized those markings I couldn’t make out on the front fork were Team Highroad stickers.  Sure enough I looked closer and saw other sponsor logos.

Turns out Clay Jones is a member of the Hincapie Triathlon team and had taken a look at some of the Giant bikes that the local Hincapie Barkley team were releasing because of the bike sponsor change.  None of them worked well (the SL bikes have the integrated seat post).  There was another bike there that fit him perfectly.  It was Craig’s.

Craig was willing to sell and Clay got a pretty good deal on a very sweet bike.  There really wasn’t that much of a difference in the look of the two bikes.  The SL had the integrated seat post.  Our components were different and the SL was about a pound lighter.

Clay said that the bike pretty much had fallen in his lap and maybe he had spent a little more money than he had originally planned (that is not to say he didn’t get a VERY good deal), but it was worth it.  I told him that not only did he get a great bike, but he got a really cool story to go along with it.

By the way, Clay wore me out.  And so, that is how I ended up riding with Craig Lewis’ bike.  Hey, Craig, when you get ready to get rid of that Scott… give me a call!