Good by Allez

I stood by the front door watching the Allez being loaded onto the back of a pickup truck. You can go ahead and laugh at me, but my eyes got a little misty and my throat got a lump in it. Turns out it was harder to part with the bike than I thought.

The 2006 Specialized Allez was the first road bike I have ever owned. It became mine back when I worked out a deal with Sunshine Cycle Shop to do a redesign of their Web site. Thousands of happy miles later, it was time to become someone elses’ machine.

When the opportunity came to buy a team bike at a very good price, I determined I would narrow my bike inventory down to just the one bike. Having two wheelsets would take the place of two bikes. The Giant would replace my Tarmac and Allez.

The Allez carried me on my first metric century, my first century (which nearly killed me), and my first Assault on Marion. There were plenty of early Saturday morning rides with the Sunshine crew. I had several accidents on that bike as well!

The bike started out with a triple. It wasn’t long after I got it that I upgraded the machine to a compact crank. With some red sidewall Michelin racing tires, it looked pretty sweet!

The bike does have a small ding on the top tube where my kids knocked it over one day after I got home from a ride. One of the brake levers is scraped a bit from when I wrecked the bike coming down Altamont Road. However, my body took most of the damage when I went down.

Come to think of it, the last ride I had on the bike was when I broke my pinkie finger. The first race after I stopped using the Allez as my primary bike I dislocated the same finger. Seems like my pinkie incidents are directly related to my bike changes!

Jonathan told me he would send me a picture of himself and the Allez. I won’t be seeing it around here since the bike will now be in Virginia. Still, I know it is going to a good home. Better yet, with the money I am getting from the Allez and the Tarmac, I should be able to come close to covering the cost of my Giant.

Sometimes practicality outweighs sentiment!