A $1 billion bicycle business I’m not interested in

Today I came across another random site that is helpful for me to better understand my bike.  It was created to help people learn how to do maintenance on their own bike.  I like the idea of knowing how to fix things if I get in a pinch, but my experience is I tend to make things worse instead of better.

I typically leave adjustments to the drivetrain to professionals.  However, you might be different.  So for you, I give you the “Bicycle Repair Guide” from Bicycle Tutor – today’s Random Page of the Day.

While I was there I came upon an advertisement for the National Bicycle Registry.  It gives the statistics that bike theft is a $1 billion “business”. Also, it puts the fear into you by saying that only 3% of unregistered bikes ever get returned to their owners.  Of course, I didn’t see any statistics saying how many registered bikes make it back home.

The site grabbed my attention because just yesterday word went out from local rider, Cinthia Lehner, that her bike had been stolen while down at a race in Alabama.  Not only is her Giant TCR Advanced 1 missing – so are the Zipp wheels that were on it.  Steve Baker also gave some details over on his blog at Hincapie.com.  Sure hope she gets it back.  She hadn’t been riding it for very long.

I really do hope to have some time tonight to do some investigating on my new Quarq CinQo powermeter with the “Ring of Saturn.”  The plan is to have some information about the device tomorrow morning.  Until then… have a great day!