Yes, that was pretty cool

Today was a beautiful day.  It started for me out spreading mulch at my in-laws.  Don’t feel to badly for me.  My mother-in-law made us all steak and potatoes and then followed it up with homemade apple pie and ice cream.

We finished earlier than I figured we would.  So, I was able to be out on my bike by 1:30.  The rest of the family had taken a picnic to the park with their bikes.  They took my air pump with them.

The plan was to go out there without a plan – that is other than to take a nice slow, easy pace for a nice,  long ride.  First, I needed to get some air in my tires.  I swung by Sunshine Cycle Shop and they fixed me up.

While I was there I ran into Barry Burden.  He was getting ready to head out himself.  So, we started out together into the beautiful 74 degree and sunny day.

We pedaled slowly talking as we went.  An hour and a half later, we were near Marrietta.  The day was living up to being everything we hoped it would be.  We turned around and headed for home.

Of course, the way home led us by Paris Mountain.  I told Barry I would see him later because I planned to go over the mountain.  I figured Barry would head back toward Greenville on Old Buncombe.  He was on a training plan that probably wouldn’t like the effort it would take on the climb.

He dicided to come along and we started the climb.  I was playing around with my iPod because I couldn’t get it working.  I wasn’t even thinking that much about my pace.  By the time I did, I realized I was feeling pretty good and holding a decent pace.

I didn’t set my mind to break a record up the climb.  I knew I was too heavy for that.  However, this was my first climb on the new Giant and it would be nice to see how things ended up.

The timer stopped at 12:25 and I was satisfied with that.  I stopped and waited for a bit to see if Barry would be coming.  He told me that it would take him about 20 minutes.  Hmmmm, I didn’t want to wait there that long.  So, I started off down the State Park side.  Good thing because I learned later that Barry had turned around about a mile up the climb.

I really loving my Giant.  I’m starting to get more comfortable with the handling of the bike.  I’m finally not thinking about it as much.  It was fun letting it run down Altamont.

As I reached the bottom the light at State Park Road was green.  I made the right turn and then moved over to the white line.  As I did so, a guy pulled up beside me on a cafe style motorcycle.  I looked over and he said with an incredulous sound in his voice, “You were going 48 miles an hour back there!”  I just grinned and smiled.  I didn’t want to tell him I had gone over 50 before.  “That’s cool!” he said and then accelerated away.

It was pretty cool.  The whole day was cool.  Hope to have a lot more of them this year.