The other side of the mountain was all that I could see

Had George Hincapie not gone down in the race yesterday, it would have been a perfect day!  The bad news is that he got caught in the crash coming into the final sprint of the Tour of Flanders.  The good news is that he is all in one piece and will be able to put this behind him for Paris-Roubaix.

After lunch, I could not resist getting back on the bike and heading out for a ride.  The original plan was just to go out for an hour ride keeping under a certain wattage.  I even got the Garmin out and set the alert to let me know if I started going over.  My Quarq CinQo was sending the data and the Garmin was my nanny.

I then headed out on the Hour of Power route.  Seeing how that I would end up being out too long if I did the whole route, I took a short cut and headed down West Darby Road.  Unfortunately for my hour goal, I decided to see where West Darby led me instead of taking the traditional turn away from the road.  Turns out Darby ends in State Park Road.

I turned right on State Park and could see Paris Mountain on my left.  I kept moving along and realized that if I stayed on State Park Road, I would end up out in Travelers Rest.  Now I was already an hour out and needed to start heading toward home.

I turned onto a road that I had never been on and wasn’t even sure where it would take me.  All I knew is that it was taking me toward the mountain.  Ah! then I came upon Little Texas Road.  Now I realized I would be able to work my way to Poinsett Park which would put me on Frontage Road and I could then head down Old Buncombe to Downtown and home.

Around the mountain.

Around the mountain

All the while, I was trying to keep my wattage under 218 watts.  That was hard!  There was one spot on Little Texas where the grade was steep enough that with a head wind coming at me, I simply could not avoid setting off the alarm or I would have fallen over!

That one hour turned into 2 hours and 30 minutes.  I enjoyed every minute of it.  I’ll do this one again… but probably not with that alert set!