More on the Garmin 705

I know I gave my final word on the CinQo and Garmin a couple of posts ago.  However, I had some follow up questions come my way from someone interested in the combo.  His questions centered around the Garmin rather than the power meter.

Since I took the time to craft the e-mail, I figured I would put it out on the blog just in case someone else has similar questions.  If you have any questions about the devices or the combination of both, I will be glad to try to get the answers for you.

The only issues I have had with the Garmin is when I have tried to put a que sheet on it and follow it on a long ride (we’re talking ride lengths of 4+ hours).  It is as though the computer can’t handle it and it freezes.

I have had no problems at all with the CinQo and the mapping conflicting.

The reason I like the Garmin is:

1.  the point-to-point directions
2.  the ability to use the mapping function to follow rides afterwards
3.  the fact that it collects data from my HR monitor and power meter
4.  the way you can configure the screen to show different fields of data

Your friend had something happen to him that has happened to me.  When you use the Garmin with the speed sensor on the back wheel, sometimes the connection between the two gets broken.  This happened to me mostly if I had not been on the bike in a day or two.  The way to avoid it is to make sure you pair the devices before you get to the race location – or at least 30 feet away from other riders.

Anyway, if you do not pair the two together before you go into a group situation, you can end up picking up someone else’s speed sensor.  However, that is alleviated when you use the CinQo.  You don’t have a speed sensor in that case.  CinQo becomes your cadence sensor and the Garmin uses the GPS for measuring your speed.  You don’t have to have the little speed sensor on the chain stay.

Obviously, everyone has their personal habits that are different from others.  Perhaps you would want to use the combo in a way I have not and therefore could experience an issue.  However, I can say that I have reached the point where I don’t even think about it.  It is second nature.

Let me know what you end up doing!

Glad you enjoy the video.  I am hoping to get out there tomorrow night at Donaldson Center and get some there.

Of course, I am simply giving my experiences with these devices.  Other user experiences may vary.