What a difference a year makes

I was checking my mail and found a message in the Greenville Spinners’ Yahoo! group.  There was a link to a YouTube video.  I clicked on it to find that it was a video I had posted to the site on April 27, 2008 — exactly a year ago yesterday.

Things have changed since that April night.  I believe we made the climb in just under 13 minutes.  Watching the video I can tell how much I was laboring to get that time up the mountain.

That was back in the day when I thought I would never get to 12:30.  Now, a year later, I regularly break that mark and have been flirting with an even 12 minutes.  It would be nice if in April of 2010 I am down around 11 minutes.  Dream on!

The video has changed as well.  YouTube has improved the quality that can be uploaded to the service.  I’d also like to think I’ve learned a thing or two about editing these things.

I guess it is about time to take the helmet cam back out there on one of these rides and see how the video compares.  Thanks to everyone who has watched my little videos.  I know there are a lot of people reading the Spinners’ Yahoo! group.  The video had been watched only 300 times when the message went out.  By this morning the views had increased to 450.

Oh, and thanks for reading LowCadence.com!