Take a video ride around Donaldson Center

On any given Tuesday night during the summer months you will find hundreds of cyclists gathering for the Tuesday Night World Championships at Donaldson Center in Greenville, South Carolina.  Some are there for speed.  Some are there for a leisure ride.  All are there to enjoy the company of their fellow cyclists.

I’m pretty hooked on the A group ride.  This is a ride that circles Perimeter Road – a seven mile access road surrounding the Donaldson Center complex.  It is the fastest ride of the several options available.  In the video to follow we completed five laps and held an average speed of just under 27 mph.

This ride and the Donaldson Center complex factors in to many of my LowCadence.com blog entries.  You can see some of the past entries here.  I think it is safe to say that this event is an integral part of the Greenville cycling community.

The two videos below are an unedited record of one lap at Donaldson Center.  It is the second lap of a five lap ride.  This means it will not be one of the fastest or most interesting laps.  As I mention in the video, it isn’t for entertainment.  It is for the education of folks wondering about the ride – how long is it? What terrain does it cover?

First half of the second lap of a five lap ride

Second half of the second lap of a five lap ride

My future plans are to record an entire final lap and then edit it to show some of the race strategy involved in an A group ride.  Then I would like to do some video of the “country ride” that starts out at Donaldson and then goes out into the surrounding countryside.