Today’s Twitter Trail (2009-06-17)

  • George finishes 1.05 back. Well, I think that decides the podium chances. Still opportunity for a stage win! Go @ghincapie! #
  • Wish I could speak Italian — or at least understand it! #
  • Hold it, that F. Schleck in the first group. Andy drops from 3rd place. Yep. Valjavec, Zaugg, and Cancellara are 1,2,3 on the GC. #
  • Don’t think there will be any change in the podium GC at this point. I think Hincapie comes in 1.00+ back. #
  • Albasini wins it! Another win for Columbia. #
  • 1 K and Columbia rider is laying it down! #
  • Under the 2 k banner and all together… no, there goes a about three riders on an attack. Good jump! #
  • 2 k and another attack. It appears to be Tony Martin again. #
  • 3 k to go and the front is fluid though just now it appears group is stretching out to single file. Someone is picking up speed. Cancellara? #
  • 4 k to go and Tony Martin gets pulled back in. Cancellara is in this group with A. Schledk. #
  • Well, there is an attack by a Columbia rider. He gets a few seconds. #
  • 5 km to go and the route has leveled out a bit.ag2r is taking the front with Columbia appearing to want to play a role. Here is an attack. #
  • Columbia has four riders in this group. No @ghincapie 🙁 I think that last rider I saw was Kirchen. #
  • 6 k to go and there is no gap at all. #
  • Martin just bridged up to Taaramae. 7 k to go and the gap is still around 9 seconds. #
  • Tony Martin is the Columbia rider attempting an attack. Monfort also seems to be in position. So with Valjavec and A. Schleck. #
  • The Cofidis rider is Taaramae. #
  • 7 seconds now. Don’t see Hincapie anywhere near the front. 🙁 #
  • A Cofides rider is hanging on. He is now at 13 seconds. #
  • 9 k to go. The field is almost back together. Just an eleven second lead on the monster climb. #
  • Sportitalia doesn’t buffer. It just doesn’t look as nice. Harder to understand Italian as well. #
  • Man, if this RTL video feed could just not buffer constantly, it would be a very nice way to watch the Tour De Suisse. #
  • Still hoping for @ghincapie to get a podium finish in the TdS. Today’s will better clarify his chances. Even so, it would take a great TT. #
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