For a moment I thought I was in France

Yesterday’s ride out to Marrietta gave opportunity to see some beautiful scenery.  It can’t all be described here, but with the humidity lower and the sky only covered here and there by large, white cumulus clouds there was much to see.  It is a route to go in the old course book for later use.

I rode out of downtown to Furman and then to Old White Horse Road.  There is a little more traffic on that road, but I really enjoy it.  The terrain was good since my shoulder and back wouldn’t allow me to do much climbing.  This rolling road allowed me to get a good workout, but without having to get out of the saddle.

After jumping on 276 to ride to Marrietta, I continued on through the town until I turned right on Talley Bridge Road.  It was on this road I saw more beautiful countryside.  In the distance you could see Ceasears Head and the mountains.  Before them was rolling farm and pasture land.

Just as I neared the end of the road, I came upon a sight that reminded me of France.  There was a large field of sunflowers and a hill in the background was a mass that with some imagination you could say was a part of the Chaine des Puys.  It created another one of those this is awesome moments on the bike.

I headed home on 414 to 25 and then back toward Greenville on the White Horse Road Extension.  My water bottles were empty and my legs were nice and tired when the Giant brought me into the driveway of home.  My body was loose and my heart had a song.  The bike – and the great outdoors – is wonderful medicine.