That race over in France

I decided not to add my two cents worth to the racing taking place across the pond.  There are plenty of sites offering coverage and commentary of the event.  Since there is nothing really unique for me to add, I figure to spare you all from constant updates about stuff you already know.

However, there are two blogs you might want to check out.  These will give you a unique perspective from some Greenvillians who are actually there to see the race.  Check them out!

Steve Sperry and Elizabeth Brady have been in Europe for some time now.  They got to see some of the Giro and now are taking in the festival that is the – you know, that bicycle race going on where they are.  You can find their descriptions (and pictures) at Tour of Europe.

Then there is Rich Hincapie and his dad.  They are over watching a certain relative do massive lead outs for the fastest man on two wheels.  Rich is able to give some insights that you don’t always get from Versus or a typical fan.  So, head on over to the Rich Hincapie Blog and enjoy.

What is your favorite way to keep up with the race?  It was nice for it to start on a holiday weekend as it made it possible to enjoy the first couple of days live.  Now it is back to work.  I’ll have to wait until later in the evening to catch the action.

But, I’m not going to talk about it 🙂