Isn’t the season over yet?

There are at least two races left on my calendar for the year.  Unfortunately, I’ll miss the September 24th POA event.  I should be there for the POA Fall Extravaganza as well as the Downtown Greenville Cycling Classic which is coming up during the Fall for Greenville festivities.  I know there are a few opportunities ahead, but my mind and body seems to have already closed down for the season.

Probably a lot of that has to do with the days starting to get shorter and the kids getting into their school schedules.  The fact that I was off the bike for a week and then the trouble with my knees also threw me off my rhythm.  It is as though I need to fade back in the pack for a bit and recover.

I think another part of it is I am a little gun shy.  With the crash in the State Road Race Championship, I don’t want to go through another one of those this year.  If I don’t race, then the chances of something like that happening are much less.

The funny thing is that one of my biggest tests of the year will be coming up once the racing is done.  October 18th is the beginning of this year’s event – the Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride from Greenville to Austin.  I’ll be putting more miles in on the bike that week than I have put in during a month year to date!

So, I’m saying all this to give you a warning that my Twitter account may grow silent for a bit and this blog may not have as many posts as you might be used to seeing here.  Then again, I may go out on my Thursday night ride to find that my knees have no pain and that my fitness is still there.  Sometimes all it takes to get you back going is a good ride.

Guess I’ll just take it day by day.  Thanks for joining me for the ride so far.