6 more days to reach our goal

No article for today. Just another request asking for your help as I seek to raise $5000 for the Palmetto Peloton Project’s Cancer to Conquer Cancer ride from Greenville, South Carolina to Austin, Texas. It is all a part of the LiveSTRONG Challenge. Thank you to Michael Reem who gave to the project just yesterday.

I only have six more days before my October 1st deadline.  Got a good amount yet to go!  Your help would be greatly appreciated.  It is very easy.  Just go to the donation page and choose “Jonathan Pait” from the rider list.

6 days left to help me raise $5000.
$1135 raised so far to fight cancer.
Give to my fight today!

I’m not sure if I can adequately express how much I would appreciate your support. Of course, I’m committed to meeting the goal regardless. The ride will go on.