A small glimpse into a fearful world

Had a scare over the weekend.  Turns out it was probably nothing, but it did give me some insight into how some people must feel when they learn some fearful news.  Here is hoping that I’ll never have to really face it.

It started when I woke up Saturday morning.  My right breast was swollen and painful to the right of my nipple.  I felt that was pretty odd, but didn’t think about it too much.  I figured I had just irritated it somehow.

I went riding and came back to find that things had not improved.  It was actually hurting worse.  I started to feel around to find out what might be going on.

Of course, the idea of breast cancer came to my mind.  Then the idea of non-hodgkin’s lymphoma started to play with my head.  I went online to get some information and after a time of searching, I felt less likely that I was facing either of those.

There is no lump and this morning the swelling has disappeared.  The soreness is also almost gone.  Something else happened on Sunday that gave me another idea of what might be happening.

I got a sore throat.  I’m guessing that I have some sort of infection.  I’m combating it by resting and drinking plenty of water.  If things don’t improve, I’ll go see if I can get an antibiotic.

In no way do I want to minimize the shock that comes when someone realizes they have cancer.  However, the thoughts that were going through my mind must have been similar to someone finding that evidence that there is something not right.  This situation gave me a small view into that world.

Today I am just dealing with a sore throat.  I was very happy to wake up this morning without the pain of the last couple days.  However, you can bet I’ll be keeping a close eye on this thing!

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