A Worthwhile thank you

I don’t talk a lot about my life outside of cycling.  Sometimes this leads people to think that all I do is ride my bike! Actually, I’m involved in quite a few different things. One of those I’d like to point to today as a way of saying “Thank you.”

Back in 1994 I started playing around with the Internet.  I would deconstruct web sites to learn how to build HTML.  Wow! Things have changed so much with CSS and the various dynamic programming languages out there.  I’ve gotten where I can’t keep up with it all.

That initial interest led to me and a cousin starting The Worthwhile Company.  Initially, it was more of a consulting type business.  Then we moved into streaming audio.  By 1996 we were streaming three small local radio stations and two national networks.  By that time we also starting turning our attention to the idea of electronic commerce.

It was at this time that my current partner came on board.  By 1997 we were incorporated and continuing to build on our commerce plans with the creation of the Worthwhile Mall.  Now, today that sounds pretty corny, but it was a trend at that time.

The Worthwhile Company, Inc.

The Worthwhile Company, Inc.

Thankfully, time has lead us along and we have adapted with the changes – including the dot com bomb.  The Worthwhile Company, Inc. is stronger than ever and I’m beginning to understand the concept of exponential growth!  Seems like we moved along at a snails pace for so many years and now suddenly we’re taking off.

Part of the reason for this was me selling a portion of the company to a third partner.  My cousin left the company back in 1998.  For nearly a decade there was just one partner and myself.  Now, there are three of us and in this case three heads have definitely been better than two!

So, I want to take a moment to say “Thank you” to Dan Wooster and Dan Rundle – my partners – as well as the entire Worthwhile family.  Thanks for the gift of money to my fund raising goals as well as the free space and help you have given for the site RideForMike.com.  Without The Worthwhile Company, I would never be able to do many of the things people read about each day on this site.

Here is a Worthwhile project you might enjoy. Check out one of our latest web site releases: Fall for Greenville.