Bye, bye, $5000

I try to live a balanced life.  As a Christian I also try to follow the Biblical command to “be anxious for nothing… let your requests be made known to God.”  However, Christians aren’t perfect… I’m certainly not!  So I have to admit I was starting to get pretty anxious the last couple of days.  Once again though, God showed He is perfect in my weakness.

Fund raising is not my strength!  I’m one of those people who would much rather work to earn the money than to ask other people for it.  You might think that is admirable, but I think it is a weakness.  My pride that made me uncomfortable asking people to give to my Ride For Mike, robbed people of the opportunity to participate.

I’m thankful to announce that the goal of $5000 has been reached — and surpassed.  The amount we have been able to give to the Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride has reached $6430!  Much of that was through one gift that came in yesterday, but once that one came in several others followed.

Yes, I was anxious Wednesday morning.  Like most everyone else, things are tight for the Pait household now days.  I was committed to making sure that the $5000 goal would be reached, but I honestly wasn’t sure where in my wallet it was going to come from.

I finally gave in.  I told God that He was in control of this and if it was going to cost me then it was a sacrifice I was willing to make.  If He was not going to choose to supply on the front end, then I would trust Him to take care of me going forward.  I guess you could say I was resigned without much faith!

“Oh, me of little faith.”  God took my weak, mustard seed sized faith and once again reminded me of who He is.  I’m sure my agnostic and atheist friends will say it is just coincidence.  That is fine.  However, I don’t believe things just happen.  I also believe in a personal, great, and good God.  It just so happens that so often He uses people to do His work — He gives them an opportunity to participate in and enjoy His acts of mercy and grace.

I’m not apologizing for the sermon on a cycling site. 🙂  I would be wrong not to express my thanks to God and to those who He moved to take part in this project.  Thank you to all of you.