Packing for an epic ride

Okay, so maybe “epic” is a little too strong of a word, but it probably was the one that got you to the blog.  Still, compared to most of my other rides during the year the 1400 mile trip from Greenville, SC to Austin, TX rates pretty high on the “don’t do this every day” scale.  Whatever the case, for posterity I’m listing my packing list for the ride.  Maybe next year it will be yours!

Bicycle – the Giant TCR Advanced is ready to roll.  Got my wheels all true, good chain, new cassette, and a tune up about a week ago.  This part of the ride I’m confident about.

Bicycle gear – shoes, helmet, and gloves (fingerless, fingered, and winter) are a must.  A pair of shades with several lenses for different lighting conditions.  I’m also taking a spare pair for quick transition if needed or if one gets broken.

Cycling clothing – two pairs of bibs, two P3C3 jerseys, one POA Cycling Team kit, one rain jacket, one P3C3 wind vest, one winter jacket (one of our rides has a projected temperature in the 30s!), several under layer shirts, arm warmers, leg warmers, several pairs of socks of differing thickness, shoe covers, head covering (cycling hats and cold weather protection), and LiveSTRONG wrist band.

Bicycle accessories – Garmin 705 (got to record those TSS points!), Blackburn Flea front and rear lights, Mini-Newt front light, won’t carry a bag because of the support following.

Food/hydration – three water bottles, Cytomax powder and maltodextrin powder for creating “meal bottles”.  Any other food will come from the support.  I’ll prep two meal bottles before each ride and then add a water.  One water for each meal bottle and then some extra water.  I’ll be able to replenish both from the support bus.

Miscellaneous support items – two D sized batteries and chargers for Flea, plug in chargers for Newt and Garmin 705, and towel for changing.

Memory stuff – VHoldR helmet cam and accessories, iPhone (for pictures, video, etc.) and accessories, laptop, and necessary cables, etc.

Other accessory stuff – power converter for van, multi-plug wall socket adapter (for hotel), and iPod.

Clothing – got to have my underwear and socks, several t-shirts, two pairs of pants, two pairs of shorts, polo shirt, light jacket, LiveSTRONG pullover, couple of hats, Crocs and pair of normal shoes, mesh bag for dirty clothes, toiletries.

Things I almost forgot! – sun block, chamois cream, wet wipes…

Believe it or not, all of this will fit in a small duffle and my HincapieSports Pro Pac.  The only other storage I will need is my computer bag.  Cycling gear is quite compact.

Well, it is 10 AM Saturday morning as I finish this post.  Now I’ve got to start putting it all together.  Then I’ll need to start focusing on getting some things done that I have to finish before I can leave.  It is going to be a busy, busy day, but it will be worth it when I can roll off tomorrow knowing I haven’t left anyone in a bind.

Let’s go!