Crank it up!

This is one of the reasons why I am getting on my bike and joining my Palmetto Peloton Project teammates on a 1400 mile trip from Greenville, SC to Austin, TX.  I’m riding in memory of my friend Mike McCaskill, but I’m also riding for his daughter Grace.  “Little Grace, This one is for you and your mommy.”

Grace McCaskill

Grace McCaskill

My first day will go somewhat like this… I’ll be getting up and heading to my church, Suber Road Baptist Church in Greer, where I’ll teach my Sunday School class and attend the morning service.  Then I’ll be heading home to grab something to eat.

I’ll arrive at the launch point at the cancer center at the Greenville Hospital System around 1 PM.  We’ll make sure everything is packed up and we’ll have some pictures taken. Thankfully, Ron Jerina and crew have done a lot to get things ready a head of time.  They have really made this easy for us riders.

At 2 PM some of our family and friends will start arriving.  We’d love to have you come by and send us off.  There could be a good number of folks.  I’ve heard from many people who plan to be there.  It really means a lot – not just to us, but to the warriors and their families that we are representing.

Finally, at 3 PM we’ll mount our bikes and head out on a ceremonial ride all as one group.    Then we’ll stop while rest of the teams will load in their support vehicles to move forward to their next transition areas.  My team, the Green team, will keep riding until 6 PM before we get in our vehicle to head to our first stop.

The Green Team doesn’t ride again until Monday at noon.  That will be our first full 6 hour pull – noon to 6 PM.  On Tuesday we will ride from 6 PM to midnight.  Our final leg (at least we hope) will be midnight until 6 AM on Thursday.  That will be kind of neat because that means we can head on to Austin when we are done and have time to get organized for the weekend activities.

You can keep up with my ride here at  I’ll also be contributing to the team’s blog,  It can be a challenge getting things up-to-date, especially if you are wanting to upload video.  I’ll do my best.  I’m also hoping AT&T will have coverage that will allow me to Tweet.  You can find those posts in the column to the right here.

I keep forgetting that one of the objectives about this whole thing is to HAVE SOME FUN! It is true that we are riding for a very serious cause, but that doesn’t mean that we are supposed to pedal all the way to Austin in a somber mood.  Do I think that Mike would expect that? What do you think, Grace?  That’s what I thought!