Oh, deer!

I’m pretty tired right now.  We rolled into Vidalia, LA last night at midnight.  I slept pretty well, but the effort of the last couple days is beginning to show a bit.  Forgive me if this blog is a little short… but at least there is some video today.

We started the morning in Tupelo, MS and got in the van to ride to a rest area on the Natchez Trace.  This is a scenic highway that cuts through Mississippi.  It has become a favorite route for cyclists, and I can tell why.  It was a wonderful ride on some great road.

Being pumped on the way out we thought we could get in over 100 miles for the day.  However, no sooner had we gotten started when Jerry’s rear wheel flatted.  It was a little frustrating because the follow vehicles had been told it was against the law to do so on the the Natchez Trace.  So, we were scrambling to get the tire changed.

Thankfully, Bob Cramer, with Great Escape, was starting the leg with us.  He was able to help us out.  I know we wouldn’t have been able to do it as quickly!  He had us back up and going in no time.

From there there isn’t a lot to describe — one light in front of me… one light in the back of me.  We just kept going into a setting sun.  We had no incident following the flat and so we were making great time.

The most eventful part of the trip were the deer.  We could hear them off in the woods to either side.  Then we started seeing them dart out across the road.  There was one time that a doe came across the road IMMEDIATELY in front of me.  The riders behind me were freaking out because from their perspective the deer was about to take me out!  However, it was really about 10 feet in front of me.  I could hear the hoofs tapping the asphalt as she crossed.

Toward the end of the ride Bo, the closer, started smelling the barn.  We had to hold him back — as well as Meggan (who we always have to hold back) — because Nikki was feeling the effects of her accident a couple days earlier.  At first it was frustrating because we were afraid we wouldn’t get our century ride if we had to slow too much.  However, it ended up be a good experience because Nikki really worked hard to stay up and the team began to work for her.

Working together helped pull her through some slight climbs along the way and then we would bomb downhill for a bit.  As a team we neared our transition point and the century was right at our fingertips.  Then we were afraid that the transition would be BEFORE the magical 100 mile mark.  We were on pins and needles, but shortly after we crossed the Mississippi River the computer flipped to to triple digits!

For me it was a great night.  I tried to pull on the front as much as possible to help the crew keep it moving.  Three of the five of us had never had finished a century.  It was encouraging to think that I was helping them reach that goal that most cyclists aim for.

Today we have some time down.  Unfortunately, it will be hard to spend any of that time sleeping.  Maybe we can find some hot spots so that other members can get in their blogs.  I’m certain there are some spots out there as we drive today to College Station, TX.

Texas… ah, that word sounds good!  We’re almost there!