Grinding through the rumor mill

Some interesting things going on in the pro racing scene. Last week Twitter and list groups were alive with chatter about various aspects of the pro peloton. Things ended up with a surprise.

We already knew that the USA Cycling Professional Championships would be in Greenville come 2010.  However, a week or so after the announcement word started going out that the time for the race would change.  The first rumor I heard was that it would be early in the year.

That would be a bummer.  That would mean that George Hincapie would have very little opportunity to race in his US Champion’s jersey.  The good news is that rumor proved to be false.  The rumor that the date would change was true, but the new date is actually later than last year’s event.

The release from USA Cycling – “The Greenville Hospital System USA Cycling Professional Championships will return to Greenville, S.C. for a fifth consecutive year in 2010, with new dates set for September 18-19, 2010. The Championship weekend features the USA Cycling Professional Time Trial Championship on Saturday and the USA Cycling Professional Road Race Championship on Sunday.”

The Greenville County Council got some undeserved negative mentions.  A committee in the council decided to scale back some of the $15,000 that was being allotted to the September event.  What wasn’t said in the Greenville News article was that the council had committed to $50,000 for the Championships for each of the next three years.  In other words, they are earmarking $150,000 for the purpose of trying to encourage the race to come back for future years as well.  Also, some of the $15,000 may still be channeled to the race.

There were plenty of other rumors going on, but only one of them reached a conclusion — at least to my knowledge!  Who would have thought that Cadel Evans would end up going to BMC?  Who would have thought that going into 2010 that BMC would have the last two World Champions and the current US Champion?  Hmmmm, wonder if they’ll get a Tour invite this year?

The Cantador rumors still pop up.  Where will he be in 2010?  One of the last ones I heard was that he would go to the old Silence-Lotto team.  I can’t imagine that he would do that.  Then again, had you asked me Friday if I thought Cadel would go to BMC…