The battle continues

With the start of Challenge to Conquer Cancer ride now nearly a month in the past and the miles behind us, it is easy for me to “check it off” as one goal complete. I tend to place finished goals on the shelf and start focusing on the next one. It is good for me to be reminded that the ride isn’t over. The goal didn’t end when I dismounted my bike.

The Challenge to Conquer Cancer and the Palmetto Peloton Project is more than just a set of dates on the calendar and miles to be ridden. This organization is made up of people. Some of those people are constantly in the true challenge to conquer cancer. For them it is most certainly more than a ride.

Whether is be one of our colleagues going through a struggle with chemo or a new instance of someone finding they have a tumor, it all comes back to the realization that I can’t say to myself, “Well, I’ve done my part. I rode the miles. Now, on to the next thing.”

The battle continues.

Raising funds for the battle is just part of our responsibility. We also have the responsibility to encourage and hold up in prayer those who are on the front lines of the war each day. Even for those of us free from the immediate effects of cancer this can be emotionally overwhelming. How strong these warriors are.

I begin to glimpse the truth in the simple statement: LiveSTRONG.