Here comes the funk again

Here is comes. I’m entering another “who cares” period. It will pass like it always does, but getting it out of my system seems to accelerate its passing. So, here goes. Stop reading now if you don’t want to hear me complaining.

A lot of it stems from my body. Seems like since I’ve started my off-season training, I have been in more pain than during the season. At least when I was sore after being in a wreck I knew why I was sore.

Now I am facing this knee pain and my hip is also giving me issues. I’m pretty sure the two things are related. My guess is fixing the hip will fix the knee. I have a doctor appointment this morning and will visit Eastside Chiropractic a little later.

It is just frustrating because I will go a day without exercise and I start thinking that things are improving.  I’ll get on the bike and start to spin and for ten minutes or so I’ll feel good.  Then it starts creeping in on me. Running is even worse! Last week when I ran I woke up the next morning very stiff and sore in my knee.

To make matters worse, when I was putting my bike away last week after riding into the dark I got a slight low ankle sprain. I was walking into the back yard in the dark and suddenly remembered there had been standing water back there. I jumped up on a retaining wall while holding my bike. The weight of the bike shifted causing me to lose my balance and I came down oddly on my left ankle. Thankfully, that doesn’t bother me on the bike.

I just want to get back to normal. I know these pains aren’t permanent. They can be fixed. The problem is that it isn’t going to happen over night and I’m feeling a tad impatient. On top of that, my schedule is starting to cram and I’m feeling the pressure to squeeze it all in.

Okay, I’ve got that out. Now it is time to stop complaining and start doing. It’s time to dunk the funk!