Today’s Twitter Trail (2009-11-17)

  • Putting on my shoes I realized my foot isn’t hurting anymore! One pain down… a few more to go. Have my 1st ever chiropractor visit today. #
  • Just remembered I get my CinQo back today from @quarq. I do hope it pairs with the Garmin or else there is a problem with my Edge 705. 🙁 #
  • Okay, let’s give this a try. #
  • I knew I would be in good hands when I saw a copy of the 3D Road Magazine in the waiting room at Eastside Chiropractic. #
  • My first visit with my chiro went well. Dr. Mruz isolated exactly what was giving me issues and sent me out the door with some temp relief. #
  • Well, the Garmin 705 did not pair with the CinQo. I have confirmed the CinQo works. So, it must be the Garmin. Going to try one more thing. #
  • I like night riding on my MTB. Don’t mind riding in the rain. I don’t want to combine them on what would be my first night ride of the fall. #
  • Dr. Mruz called to say he saw my x-rays and indeed found confirmation of what he suspected from the initial examination. Now to fix it! #
  • Got an email from Lorena with Calfee Design. She says she will start processing my frame repair this week. It will be good to have it home. #