The planets have realigned

Late last evening I looked out my front door to find a small box that had been delivered by UPS. I instantly knew what it was, but as I opened the door to grab it I hoped it wasn’t a Christmas present ordered by the Beautiful Redhead for one of the Things Three. Ah, joy, it was what I thought it was… my refurbished Garmin Edge 705!

I’m really thankful that John James has let me use his PowerTap for about three weeks now. Frankly, I think he has enjoyed not having the computer connected to him when he’s riding. I’m glad to get him back on the ball-and-chain.

Me? I’ve been out of sorts because my Garmin busted right as I was starting a serious attempt at training with power. That is why John’s generosity was so important. Thankfully I didn’t miss a single session.

Still, it was weird using a system that I didn’t understand. It took me a while to feel comfortable with the PowerTap computer. I was always afraid that I would clear it when I went to set an interval. It was also very different from large display Garmin.

As soon as I got the box open, I cranked up the computer and configured it. Then it was down to the office where my Giant with its Quarq CinQo was sitting in the trainer. I popped the 705 into its mount and then spinned the crank. Nothing happened at first so I started to go through the 705 settings to rescan. Before I could get there the alert popped up that the powermeter had been found!


Today I’ll swap out the PowerTap rear wheel with my own and return the PowerTap wheels, wires, and head to John. Things will now be back to normal. Sure, it is a small thing, but when you are starting out on something new — something you are not sure of — it is good to have something comfortable be part of the process.

I do have to say that after using the PowerTap, I am very happy with the Garmin display. With eight possible configurable panels on the display (and a possible 16 with a simple switch)  it is very easy to have as much or as little information as you desire. That is going to be nice!

On the PowerTap I would have to scroll through the selections in order to see the cadence and the time elapsed. Since one of the things Jim is working with me is my cadence (yes, it is too low) I need to be able to keep an eye on it. At the same time, I need to keep an eye on the time elapsed for my intervals. The PowerTap head made that a challenge.

My Garmin screen will be configured with three display panels: 1) watts, 2) time, and 3) cadence.  On the second display that you can access by tapping the joy stick will have other information such as time of day, average watts, average cadence, etc.  Not only that, but a single push of a button will start my intervals.

Once again I find myself very pleased with the CinQo-Garmin combination. It isn’t that the PowerTap did not do the job. The data I received was not noticeably different. However, the ease of use and configurability of the former wins out in my experience.

Finally, once again, a big thank you to John James and Sunshine Cycle Shop. They have been taking care of me for over ten years now and I know they have my back. They can have yours too!