Garmin Edge 500 saga continues

UPDATE: December 8, 5:00 PM – The official word from Garmin is that the Garmin Edge 500 requires a software update to allow for downloading zone settings to the device from Garmin Connect. They are also working on a new release of the Garmin Training Center that will include power data options. No estimated time was given for the release.

A big “thank you” to the folks at Peaksware for helping me get up and going loading my data from the Garmin Edge 500 to Trainingpeaks. After mentioning my problems on Twitter, I was contacted directly by Gear Fisher, the COO.  I was up and going in less than an hour and had several followup contacts from members of the Trainingpeaks team.

The key to working with Trainingpeaks and the new device is to have the latest Trainingpeaks Device Agent. The version that I have now is a late beta and the release version should be out soon. So far I have found the beta (Windows version only) to be pretty bug free and a great improvement over the previous version!

However, my Garmin Edge 500 issues are not over. While I have gotten my upload issues resolved, I am still having trouble getting some of the settings adjusted on the device. I am unable to set the heart rate and power zones.

With the Garmin Edge 705 you would use the device itself to input the zones.  However, the Garmin Edge 500 does not allow you to enter the zones directly into the device.  Instead, the manual instructs you to use the Garmin Connect or Garmin Training Center to configure the zones.

So, I went to my Garmin Training Center on my Mac. I did find the spot to enter the heart rate zones.  However, there was no place to configure the power zones.  Once I entered my heart rate zones, I looked for a way to get that information back to the Garmin. I searched every option and even went online searching for something I might be missing.

Zip. Zero. Nada.

Maybe the Garmin Connect online application could help. Ah, at least now I had the option to enter both the heart rate and power zones.  However, once again, I had no way to get the information back onto my Garmin.

Okay, so maybe the issue was the fact that I was attempting to do this with my Mac.  Maybe only the latest Windows version would allow me to configure my Garmin with the Training Center. I went to to download the application. Finally I gave up as the download would hang every time. Currently, I am waiting to hear back from Garmin support.

I do like the device and I’m looking forward to describing some of the features that I like.  However, I’ve got to get through these issues before I’m ready to give it an enthusiastic review. Really, it isn’t the device itself so much as it is how the device interacts with its support mechanisms.

I realize that I am an early adopter and in today’s world this is just how products come to the market. Hopefully, any readers who are looking to purchase the device will find these issues resolved before their units arrive.

Then again, maybe I am just dumb and am missing an obvious option here. If you have any information that could help me get my zones put into my Garmin, I would appreciate it.