A Calfee repair is all it is cracked up to be

Maybe you remember this video I took back in September 2009. It was a sad thing to watch as it shows my 2009 Giant TCR Advanced frame with a massive crack going nearly around the top tube. I had given up for a loss.

Then a friend of mine told me that he was sending a frame off to Calfee Design for a repair. To make a long story short, I decided to give the service a try. Less than two months after sending the frame out to California, it arrived back at Sunshine Cycle Shop when I was out of town last week.

I got to see it today. Wow! It looks even better in person. Yes, if you look close, you can see where the repair was made.  However, as I told someone at the shop… “You won’t be able to notice it when I’m going pass you!” Now I’ve got $1500 quality frame for just a few hundred. Can’t wait to get my SRAM Force group set on that thing!

So, would I recommend you send your next busted carbon fiber frame to Calfee Design? You betcha. Be sure to remember this URL – CalfeeDesign.com.