From the pot to the bottle

Here is a quick update on my “nasal irrigation” story from last week. I had been asking about what people thought of the Neti Pot. Lot’s of people told me I should give it a try and a few offered an alternative to the classy looking piece of ceramic.

Here... stick this up your nose

Here... stick this up your nose

So, what did I think? Well, it wasn’t so bad. I thought I would end up sputtering and choking while I gagged myself. However, once I figured out how to direct the stream of water through my nose it felt pretty good.

What I expected was to feel a sudden openness in my nasal passages. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen. While the soothing warm water did clear mucus out of my nose, it did not reduce the swelling of my membraines. So, I still had a feeling of constriction, but it did help me breathe a bit better.

I figure that during this season of colds and mold allergies, I’ll keep doing this a couple times a week. I’ll also keep using my salineĀ  sinus spray to keep those little cilia happy. With a little luck, I might be able to be ready for the big throw down with Kirk Flinte on Paris Mountain on January 30th. If you can, come out and support this fun event on eveyone’s favorite climb.