Toot! Toot! Tooting my own horn

Nothing does a blogger as much as good as running into people who actually read the stuff he writes. Sure, you can see the stats and have your mother tell you she enjoyed your last post, but to run into comments about the blog in unexpected places really is pretty neat. I recently had such an encounter… actually, it was my brother-in-law who had the encounter.

He is a marathon runner on the quest to qualify for the Boston Marathon. Our Sunday dinners together with the family (each Sunday my family and my wife’s two brothers’ families get together for the meal at their parents’ house) turn into training discussions. It is kind of neat to be in a family with such active members. All are involved in some sort of exercise program with goals. Their mom is even a water aerobics instructor at the local Y.

I would like to get my brother-in-law on a bike. As part of his cross training he participates in spin classes as a local fitness center. I believe he has broken — at last count — three of the spinning machines. A little too much torque, I gather. I’d like to see what he could do on the road.

Well, after one of these spinning sessions he sent me the following email:

I was at a spinning class at the gym yesterday and a guy from Miami was in the class. He is a cyclist visiting friends for the Holidays and didn’t bring his bike. I overheard him telling his buddy. “Yeah, I like it here. It is cold, but you have a lot of cyclists. There is this guy that does this cycling website called Low Cadence that is from around here somewhere.”

That was pretty cool. So, whoever you are down in Miami, thanks for reading! Thanks to the rest of you as well… especially my Mom!

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