Am I really Low Cadence?

Not much to say this morning. Things are pretty busy for me right now. Have an even busier weekend that includes a Functional Threshold Power test. Physically I think I’m pretty rested, but mentally I hope I’m up for it.

It is going to be different this time because Jim has me testing out the theory that my best cadence for a time trial is between 85 and 90 rpms. Last two FTP tests I’ve had were at higher cadences. The first had me putting out 270 watts average and the second one was 280 watts. However, in a normal ride I’ve averaged over 290 watts for that same period. I am putting out over 300 watts for short periods (5 – 10 minutes) when I’m not thinking about it.

We’re going to see if going at the attempt with this lower cadence approach will allow me up my average for the test. Of course, I might just be one of those people that doesn’t do well on tests. I do have a way of over-analyzing what I am doing. It ends up psyching me out.

I just need to realize that it is just a test… it is only a test. If I get 15 minutes in and croak, it just means that we have learned that I can’t actually sustain that cadence at the needed gearing to average that high of a wattage. The test won’t be a failure because it will give us information to help us better understand my physiology.

At the same time, I don’t like to think that I can’t do something that I set my mind to do. I like to think that I have the ability to compartmentalize and stick that pain in a little box to force the body to do what it hasn’t done before. I like to think there is a little bit of Jens Voight in there somewhere. “Failing” to finish the TT in the proscribed manner will have an impact on me. Hey, I’m just being honest…

I’ll let you know how it goes. Things are starting to ramp up here… next Saturday is the Paris Mountain Time Trial as well as the weekend for the POA Cycling Team camp. We are less than a month away from the Greenville Spring Training Series. It is time to start being ready. Tomorrow could be the next step.