– the new old kid on the block

I’ve been doing this blogging stuff here in Greenville for nearly a decade. LowCadence has been around for a couple of years. Before that it was and Don’t forget the Cycling Blog that was once on Before that, I wrote political articles for my now defunct

None of these ventures were for money — they are for the love of writing. The only one that made any amount of money was The Common Voice, but as it grew the time spent managing it and keeping the code up to date wasn’t worth the money it brought in. I believe I’ve finally found my home here at

There have been a number of other blogs that have popped up during that time. Of course, some others existed before then – like Bicycle Design. Now there are a number of blogs out there – even Hincapie Sportswear is in on the action. A couple I would like to think I played a small role in encouraging to put down their cycling thoughts for us to enjoy – The Wandering Cyclist and Wind In My Hair Bugs In My Teeth come to mind.

However, now we have a new breed of blogger coming on the scene. When professional cycling journalist Neil Browne came to town, we had a “new” blogger in Greenville with some “old” experience. Browne Eye Blog isn’t so much about Greenville cycling as it is about Cycling.

I admit I’m jealous – not jealous of having Neil join us here in this wonderful place called Upstate South Carolina. I’m jealous that he is writing about people, places, and races of which I only dream. Of course, that is one of the neat things about blogs — they allow us to have a peek into worlds we don’t always get to experience for ourselves.

So, a big welcome to you Neil. Anyone who has ever met him knows that he certainly adds some color to the neighborhood. The more the merrier!