Pay off?

Friday night my coach gave me a call to discuss Saturday’s race. It would be the first since I started training with Jim Cunningham. He started out asking me if I felt ready to go. My answer was that I just didn’t know.

What I meant was that I was neither overly positive or negative — I was feeling pretty neutral. The point is that physically I feel like I have the ability and power to finish strong. On the other hand, my weakness is my technical and tactical abilities. “I can see myself riding as strong or stronger than all the other riders out there, but work so hard that I don’t have what it takes at the end.”

Jim gave me some good advice. Basically, he said you have to consider the mathematics. The math tells you that statistically the early breaks aren’t going to survive. On the other hand, the math tells you that the more riders in a break the greater the probability of success — unless there is infighting. So, success could come down to simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Another important piece of advice was to make sure I understand the course. That means knowing where the pot holes and train tracks are. It also is important to notice the wind and positioning yourself to stay out of it. You’ve got to have an understanding of these things before you start to race. You don’t want to be trying to figure that stuff out during the race.

My coach’s confidence was a big boost to me. Obviously, circumstances and situations play a role in a high finish. However, Jim expressed a confidence that was infectious. I won’t talk about the rest of our conversation just in case the competition reads this before we get out there! 🙂 I’ll talk about it afterward — especially if things work out!

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