Upstate riders show your hospitality

The following was submitted in the comment section of today’s article. Yaniel is a regular reader and he’ll be up the road in Charlotte in July. He’d like to join some of our local rides. Can we give him some invitations here?

I’m planning on spending a couple of weeks with my sisters who live in Charlotte NC around July. Do you know how accepting the local groups are to outsiders/visitors and do they have daily group rides? I’d like to do 5 or 6 rides a week while there and try to make it out to your area also for some climbing which is something I’ve never experience being from Miami.

Please point your ride leaders here to this article at and give Yaniel some information of rides he should enjoy while he is around. I know we have a great community here, let’s have him experience a good slice of it. The comment section is now open!