Around and around we go

Hey, if you live in Greenville, ride a bike, and want to help me keep from losing my mind; consider coming over to the campus of Bob Jones University any time between noon and five o’clock today. I’ll be out riding around what would make a great criterium course on the back campus. Five other cyclists will be joining me as we raise money for a campus project.

If you can’t come ride a couple of laps with us to keep us company, perhaps you would consider supporting yours truly as I do my part to pedal. You can go by the BJU: The Ride Web site and learn more about the participants and also give a pledge. Either way of showing support would be appreciated… and I’m serious about inviting you to do some laps with us!

I did this last year. I didn’t make my 100 mile goal on that day. I’m not sure I’ll even try for that much today. I’ve got some people who have pledge an amount per mile though and I really do want to make them pay! 🙂

The five hour criterium course

The five hour criterium course

You can learn more about the ride at the official site or on Facebook. If you would like to join us and don’t know where to go, just ride onto campus and ask someone where the Davis Field House is. They can point you in the right direction and if you hang around for a minute or two, you’ll see one of us come riding by.

Join us for a couple of laps and then head off for your favorite non-repeating ride. Just make sure you come before 3 PM. If you come later, you might get wet. For us though, we’re riding rain or shine.